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Overview - Current version:

CMShell is a Windows PowerShell snapin (collection of cmdlets) to provide a flexible and uniform scripting platform for all CUCM API services. It is designed for administration and monitoring of Cisco Unified Communication Manager environments.


CM API services

 +   PowerShell snapin  =  CMShell





"A flexible and uniform scripting platform for Cisco Unified Communication Manager"


Anyone who spends considerable time browsing the 'CCMAdmin' pages will certainly benefit from using CMShell. Especially if you feel the need to automate activities or desire a way to export data. The following concepts drive the design development and of CMShell:

  • CLI Admin - Command-Line Interface for administrative command execution
  • Bulk Configuration - Apply complex changes to a batch of similar items
  • Provisioning - Invoke script to assemble and customize products on demand
  • Automation - Script frequently occuring tasks and schedule or trigger execution
  • Consolidation - Access to all CM API services from a single interface
  • Flexibility - Granular solution paths and simple deployment
  • Scalability - Compatibility between CM trains

PowerShell and the CMShell snapin are installed on a Windows system and handle all communication with the CM API services. CM version trains often have different data structures and features, or new types of services may be exposed. The CMShell abstraction layer facilitates the automation process and streamlines upgrade complications by providing interoperability. PowerShell scripts that implement CMShell cmdlets make it possible to replace or extend many existing BAT operations. 'Get-CMSqlData' and 'Set-CMSqlData'  perform SQL transactions and offer an alternative solution in case a specialized cmdlet does not yet exist.


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